Resources for SMEs

VAT Introduction

Introduction to VAT in KSA

Learn about VAT


How VAT Works

Charging VAT

How VAT is collected?


VAT Manual

Simplified VAT guide

VAT Manual for SMEs


Getting Ready for VAT

Four steps to getting ready

4 steps to ensure your business is ready for VAT


Invoices and Point of Sale

Invoices / how to maintain records

Invoices & PoS


Filing Returns

Step-by-step filing video

How to file a VAT return


Practice filing a VAT return form 
Real life examples


Filing Guide

Step-by-step filing guide

Filing Guide 

Simplified Filing Guideline


Upcoming training events

Events Page


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General & Technical FAQs

General & Technical


VAT Guidelines

Topic specific guidelines

Real Estate, Transportation, Healthcare, Investment Metals, Transitional VAT Rules, VAT Grouping Guideline, Financial Services, Digital Economy.



The VAT Law and Regulations

VAT Legal